Bar Menu

Somerset cider rarebit, spiced apple chutney 3

Scotch egg of the moment 5

BBQ ribs 4

Chilli & garlic prawns 3

Cajun chicken goujons 3


Seasonal soup, brioche roll 5.5

Chicken wings, red chilli hot sauce, Bath blue cheese 6

Flash fried calamari, chilli, garlic, lemon aioli 5/10

Curry roasted cauliflower, onion bhaji 5.5/11


Maple and mustard glazed pork belly, poached hen’s egg, chips, spiced apple relish 12

Club sandwich, roast turkey, gem lettuce, maple bacon, cranberry sauce, fries, salad 10

Henry’s Fish & chips, crushed peas, tartare sauce 12

Strode Arms 6oz beef burger, Hobbs House Bakery ultimate burger bun, house sauce, smoked applewood cheddar, fries 10

add: another patty 4

homemade maple bacon 1.5

beef short rib ragu 3

onion rings 2.5

Broccoli, goat’s curd, roasted hazelnuts, savoury granola 12

Cumberland sausages, bubble & squeak, red wine gravy 12

200g Devon ribeye steak, dry aged for 40 days, house butter, salad & triple cooked chips 20

Chicken caesar salad, anchovies, pecorino, garlic croutons 12

Winter vegetable tart, braised baby gem 12

1/2 or whole rack of homemade BBQ pork ribs, coleslaw, fries 14/18



Ocean Plate

Crab salad, house gravadlax, mini battered fish, garlic & chilli king prawns, calamari, toast 18


Please inform a member of staff if you have a food allergy or intolerance before ordering. This is a sample menu. Dishes are subject to change due to seasonality and availability.